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In short, I’d like to send you a set of resources that will give you the chance to increase your investment success to unprecedented levels.

What am I talking about?

I’d like to send you the Big Book of Candlestick Patterns, one of the most powerful collections of reference material we’ve ever put together.

So what can you expect from this book?


Page 1:
You’ll learn the details behind a 280-year-old Japanese secret that predicts huge stock swings

Page 9:
We’ll show you a specific pattern that means a stock is very likely to make a huge downward move (and lose money)

Page 14:
You’ll see a pattern that means a stock is primed to continue a huge upward trend and put you in position to earn a huge payday

Page 20:
Here we reveal the details behind a secret that tells you when a stock that’s been getting crushed is about to make a massive turnaround and explode upwards

Page 49:
You’ll learn about three tiny symbols, that when they appear, mean a stock is ready to move much, much higher.

Of course, that’s just a very small taste of the incredible profit information this 53-page book holds…

Because not only have we compiled 50 candlestick patterns for you…

But we’ve also gone a step further…

For each pattern in the book, we’ve also included:

A bearish or bullish indicator

A star rating (on a 5-star scale)

An in-depth description

Statistical notes

A visual representation of what each pattern looks like

It’s the only book of its kind that we’ve ever put together.

And it’s not every day you get a chance to get your hands on something like this.

But here’s where things get even crazier.

Because I’m not just going to send you the book by itself…

I’m going to send you
FIVE additional bonuses as well

And first among those bonuses is the Candlestick Cheat Sheet.

This is an invaluable, condensed version of the book that you can set right next to your computer, on your desk, or wherever you find is most handy.

After all, 50 charts can be a lot to sift through, and certain patterns pop up far more often than others.

And I want you to be prepared to move quickly when the moment strikes.

Sometimes a few moments make all the difference between a small win and a life changing ten-bagger.

In other words, this cheat sheet will help you identify profitable patterns more quickly, much more easily, and it’ll put you in position to move at a moment’s notice.

The importance of this cheat sheet cannot be overstated.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if several investors have framed it and hung it on the wall thanks to the fast-action information it gives them…

And incredibly, it’s just the first of the FIVE bonuses I’d like to send you today.

Because I’m including FOUR bonus ebooks so you’ll have the most investment firepower possible

Now, be warned. These books include some very specialized investment intel.

They’re not for just anyone.

They’re for serious investors who truly want to get rich from trading.

I believe that’s you…

Which is why, I’m including these in what’s turning out to be an absolutely stunning collection of investment material.

The ebooks I’m including in this one-of-a-kind offer are:

Investment trends can be extremely powerful. After all, herd investing is very real and very influential.

And when the herd gets too greedy or too fearful, that’s when smart investors swoop in and make some truly life changing gains.

It’s the old “Buy when others are fearful” adage from Buffett.

But we take things a step further, using key technical pivot points to increase your chances of success.

(Value $49 – Yours FREE)

Looking for fast moving markets? Sometimes, you won’t find fast action in stocks. But you can find it in other assets.
At times, commodities like oil and gold will be the best place for a trader to be… as long as they know what they’re doing.

This ebook will get you set up in the world of oil and gold where, despite recent price trends, there are some absolutely blockbuster investments.

(Value $49 – Yours FREE)

Stock price updates used to be literally printed on ticker tape. But that ended in the 60s and computers proved to be faster and more powerful.

However, there were some very valuable secrets lost as tape reading fell by the wayside. And some of these secrets could prove vital to your trading success today.

This ebook gives you everything you need to know on this lost, but very important, art.

(Value $49 – Yours FREE)

It’s one of the hardest things to nail down in the world of investing… When exactly to let a stock go.

After all, if a stock has been hot, it’s terribly tempting to hold on to it for fear of lost upside. Or if you’re down big, maybe you want to hold on and recoup some of those losses. It’s a question every trader has but very few can answer… When to sell?

This ebook answers that question in a comprehensive fashion, and it’ll help you deal with future doubts when it comes to letting go of a stock.

(Value $49 – Yours FREE)

As you can see, you’ll now have an absolute library of profit information at your fingertips.

Now maybe you can see why I call this collection Your “Passport” to Ultimate Profits.

Of course, I can’t give something of this magnitude away absolutely free.

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I’m asking only the bare minimum for everything I’ve detailed.

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